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 Our commitment is to the success of every student in the arts. 

    The Friends of the Theatre (FOT) was founded for the sole purpose of providing support to the Alabama State University Department of Theatre Arts.
     Because of the Theatre’s positive impact on students, the campus and the community, we the Friends of the Theatre offer additional support above and beyond that which is offered by the university. 
   As members of the community, we have all benefited from the professional, high caliber performances produced by the department. We feel compelled, inspired and obligated to work to ensure its continued success.
    The Friends of the Theatre is governed by a board of patrons who meet regularly to discuss new and innovative ways in which we can individually and collectively support the Theatre Department. We seek to expand our support base through increased membership and tax deductible donations.
   The department continues to provide competent instruction, endless support and countless opportunities for its students. By joining the Friends of the Theatre, you can become a part of the department’s commitment to academic and professional excellence and its vision for the future!
  The Friends of the Theatre Inc., is a non-profit organization comprised of concerned patrons who want to continue to see the Department of Theatre Arts thrive and flourish.

Friends of the Theatre ® P.O. Box 6195, Montgomery, AL 36106

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